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Children's Center

Attending Angels Children's Center has scheduled classes and time for children between 2-6 years old to be independent, which will let them take ownership of their learning experiences.  Do they want to paint or do a science project, puzzle or puppet show, read, or math?   By allowing children to make their own choices and set their own goals, teachers can guide and support them. Additionally, they will work as a group, and learn social interaction with others.

Playing with Wooden Toys
Our Rooms

Our rooms are carefully designed to be beautiful and inviting. From the choices of toys, busy boards, educational materials and furniture layout, everything around children will create an environment that intentionally promotes order, routines, and independence. We use natural materials, neutral colors, child-size furniture, toys and activities that will allow children to make choices and take care of things around them. It is a structured environment that contributes to a calm atmosphere which minimizes potential sources of conflict.

Educational Toys
Our Toys

Our toys have been carefully chosen with Montessori-Reggio approach to education. The majority of them are wooden, educational in nature, open-end play, play sets that design to teach practical life skills, musical instruments, and more. With our hybrid approach, we believe that there is also place for children to play with dolls and cars, but they are not the main toys. It’s the idea that less is more, well-placed and selected toys work best because they feel less overwhelmed. Toys that support activities that child tries to master at this moment are chosen and displayed, plus a few other toys. The rest are carefully stored away until time to rotate.

Dancers with Tap Shoes
Our Classes


Language arts


Cultural/Social/History/Geography (age appropriate)

Practical Life Skills


Art/Visual Art



Open Monday-Friday, 6:30am-5:30pm
For information please contact us at (636) 629-9980

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