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Personal Care

Assistance with activities of daily living:

bathing, dressing, grooming, dietary, self-administration of medications and medically related household tasks

Advanced Personal Care

Catheter hygiene, range of motion, mechanical lift, ostomy hygiene, bowel program, aseptic dressings, non-injectible medications

Nursing Care

Medications setup, filling insulin syringes, oral meds setup, monitoring skin condition, check for possible skin breakdown, diabetic nail care

Respite Care

Maintenance services provided in the home to provide temporary relief for the caregiver that normally provides the care.  Services include: supervision, companionship and

direct client assistance

Advanced Respite

Services are provided to participants requiring a higher level of oversight and have special care needs.

Participants who are essentially bedfast, and require specialized care involving turning and positioning, including assistance with mechanical transfer equipment. Clients who have behavior disorders resulting in disruptive behavior especially due to Alzheimer’s disease which requires close monitoring.

Clients who have health problems requiring manual assistance with oral medications; and/or participants who have special monitoring and assistance needs due to swallowing problems.


Chore services may include any of the following activities: wash walls and woodwork; clean closets, basement and attics; shampoo rugs; air mattresses and bedding; spray for insects within the home, using over-the-counter supplies.

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